New Shelves!

26 Aug

After 6 years of cobbling together random organizing ideas, I finally got my Billy bookshelves!

We had planned to re-do most of our flooring, so I was worried the shelves wouldn’t be tackled until we were a week or more into school, but the husband and I got into a spat about what new flooring to choose, and neither one of us is budging, so the old floor remains.

If you haven’t seen the “before”, here you go!


Cramped, overflowing Borders bookcases that don’t maximize the space. (Plus a 3rd in the dining room behind me.)




there’s enough space for everything. Still pretty stuffed, still working on where everything should be, but so much prettier and more functional.

And the “retractable whiteboard” still works!


We’re ready for school to start next week!


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